Backup Software: Atempo

Get the most flexible and comprehensive data protection available for your business without compromising IT simplicity. Our award-winning security, storage and recovery technology is known for dramatic speed and ease of use that vastly simplifies IT operations.

Whether you're managing a small remote office, a departmental workgroup or a complete, multi-location enterprise, the Atempo family of products offers complete protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Browse the Atempo family of products: Live Backup, Time Navigator, Digital Archive and Digital Archive for Messaging.

Atempo Live Backup

Live Backup
Atempo Live Backup is an enterprise-level data protection solution that automatically backs up corporate data. With its unrivaled continuous data protection technology, Atempo Live Backup provides a transparent solution that has no impact on end user performance or network workload. With Atempo Live Backup, customers have the peace of mind that their laptops and desktops are automatically and continuously backed up — with all system information available for instant recovery if a laptop crashes or is lost or stolen.

Atempo Live Backup gives end users the ability to recover their own files, while IT administrators can centrally manage all distributed data assets. Today, hundreds of customers around the world rely on Atempo Live Backup. Windows 7 and Snow Leopard now supported!

Atempo Time Navigator

Time Navigator
Combining the best of data protection and storage security, Atempo Time Navigator offers an advanced, high-performance protection and archival solution for heterogeneous environments.

Powerful and easy to use, Atempo Time Navigator makes it easy to manage enterprise data throughout its lifecycle and meet critical business requirements, from digital privacy and regulatory compliance to long-term archiving. A unique approach to data restoration locates and restores individual files from any point in time and any tier of storage.

Thousands of users across industries around the world rely on Atempo Time Navigator to protect their critical data. Customers typically choose Atempo Time Navigator for it's unlimited scalability and unique restore approach, which suits all levels of business needs, from managing a few servers to a multi-location enterprise network.

Atempo Time Navigator serves a range of industries:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Energy
Atempo Digital Archive

Digital Archive
Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) allows organizations to cost effectively manage the growth of their file-based data, particularly for data-intense industries like Media & Entertainment, Scientific Research and Healthcare. ADA also reduces the burden of e-discovery and ensures long term retention of critical business data in compliance with government regulations.

End-User Archiving
A simple drag-and-drop interface, plus integration into selected application workflows, allows end-users to archive and retrieve data without IT staff assistance.

Automatic Archiving (HSM)
Supports automated tasks for archive according to IT policy, including creating stub files on primary storage.

Workflow Integration
Flexible and customizable to fit your workflow and your applications.

Advanced Metadata Search
Search archive based on basic file properties, custom keywords, or file’s full text content.

Non-Proprietary & Open
A software solution, not an appliance. Uses TAR format on tape and regular files on disk.

Scalable Performance
Scalable from tens to hundreds of terabytes with no performance bottlenecks.

Centralized Administration
Gives IT the flexibility to manage archives based on site-specific policies including setting retention rules based on owner or data type, and role-based archive access.

Broad Storage & Media Support
Data can be archived using standard formats on a broad range of storage media, including disk, tape and cloud storage.

Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging

Digital Archive for Messaging
Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging (ADAM) is a unified email archiving platform that allows companies to cost effectively address the growth in email, reduce the burden of e-discovery, and adhere to specific compliance mandates. The solution scales to handle thousands of mailboxes and integrates with a broad variety of mail servers.

For All Electronic Communication
Archives and indexes email, instant messages, text messages, and faxes.

Full Content Indexing & Search
The archive is fully indexed for rapid retrieval. Email components (subject, body, attachments, etc.) are indexed separately to support scoped, text-based search criteria.

Powerful Retention Policies
Search criteria can be used to apply any number of retention policies per email. The retention policies can be applied during archiving or retroactively to existing data.

High Scalability
Supports enterprise clients processing millions of emails and gigabytes of data per day.

Single Instance Storage
Optimizes storage by not only eliminating duplicate emails, but duplicate attachments as well.

Broad Platform & Application Support
Supports a wide range of operating systems, JDBC compliant relational databases, email servers, and storage devices.

Additional Information

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