IP-Based Storage Area Networks (IP-SAN): RELDATA

RELDATA delivers a new breed of virtual enterprise-wide data storage and replication infrastructure based on a single pool of shared storage. RELDATA data storage and replication solutions are simplifying unstructured data management in distributed IT infrastructures and dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.

RELDATA Unified Storage Diagram

RELDATA’s Unified Storage Gateways provide enterprise-wide file, database and operating system storage consolidation, as well as advanced data replication and disaster recovery planning based on open storage resource consolidation. Its comprehensive block-level virtualization platform expands and extends multi-vendor storage arrays into a single, seamless virtual storage pool. This means you can create and allocate the correct storage tier or access method for your business or application need.

Unified Storage Appliance Reduces Storage Costs

The RELDATA 9240 Unified Storage Gateway is the foundation for open enterprise-class IP SAN, NAS and WAN data replication solutions – all in a single appliance. By leveraging industry-standard Fibre Channel, SCSI or iSCSI storage arrays, 9240-enabled IP storage systems approach the performance and throughput of more expensive Fibre Channel or enterprise NAS solutions. Its modular architecture lets organizations easily expand block and file-based storage capacity to meet demand, seamlessly consolidate underused storage assets, and ensure availability of data.

RELDATA 9240 Gateway

RELDATA's SAN-level virtualization platform offers truly parallel, high-speed IP SAN and NAS storage solutions with built-in, comprehensive WAN replication including highly reliable, space-efficient, SAN-level snapshots. The 9240 Gateway provisions block data or file storage services based on need, not on capacity of a dedicated frame. Plus, it offers virtualization of Fibre Channel LUNs for low-cost IP SAN fan-out of existing Fibre Channel SAN installations. The embedded firmware module features SAN-level remote mirroring, incremental volume replication, and file-based replication for complete disaster protection.

Cost saving benefits of RELDATA 9240 storage and replication solutions:

  • Significantly reduce capital expenditures and minimize deployment costs for storage networks.
  • Highly efficient block-level virtualization and replication on cost-effective industry standard storage
  • Dramatic reduction of future storage costs via higher capacity utilization and deployment of inexpensive disk arrays
  • Drastic decrease in storage administration expense via centralized storage management
  • Boot-over-IP eliminates need for directly attached storage disks on servers and workstations
  • Radically reduces planned downtime with on-the-fly storage system expansion and rapid recovery services
  • Dramatic reduction of opportunity cost through increased availability and consistency of data in departmental and multi-site Ethernet environments, and fast recovery of lost data

Simplicity and Flexibility Ease Deployment, Expansion and Protection
Enterprises realize cost and operational benefits from RELDATA-powered unified storage solutions. Open connectivity lets storage managers redeploy existing storage investments and avoid vendor lock-in. Freedom to create blisteringly fast IP SANs and scalable enterprise NAS shares on the fly will free storage managers from purchasing, installing, and administrating two distinct systems, make storage more nimble, and align it with business needs. In addition, storage professionals can deploy a cost-effective one-to-many enterprise-class disaster recovery solution providing flexible recovery point and time objectives.

The RELDATA 9240 offers an unrivalled price/performance ratio because of its top quality hardware, high availability features and all-inclusive software functionality. It paves the way for cost effective, enterprise-wide unified IP storage and disaster recovery solutions. And it provides exceptionally high value for organizations with the following IT challenges:

  • Fast-growing, mixed file and block storage volumes
  • Enterprise-wide file sharing based on open storage clustering
  • Consolidation of a distributed storage infrastructure
  • Datacenter disaster recovery needs
  • Data protection and availability policies covering multiple locations
  • Transaction protection with narrow data recovery point and time objectives
  • Leveraging existing under-utilized Fibre Channel SAN resources

Additional Information

Storage Gateway 9240 Data Sheet ( 157 KB )
RELvos. 2.0 Virtualization Operating System Data Sheet ( 237 KB )


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