Backup Software: BakBone

BakBone Software develops data backup and recovery, disaster recovery, replication and storage reporting solutions which help users meet the data protection challenges of an ever-changing world. BakBone is committed to redefining data protection as a simple, straightforward process – even in the most complex environments. Every BakBone product is designed to reduce or eliminate the complexity that might otherwise make data protection one of IT’s biggest challenges.

NetVault Software

The award-winning NetVault™ was created out of AT&T Labs in 1988; BakBone Software, Inc. was formed in 2000. Its broad technology portfolio includes backup, disk-to-disk, virtual disk library/shared virtual disk library, disaster recovery, replication, high availability and strong application protection.

Bakbone NetVault can help you ensure business continuity and consolidate your backups (branch offices, backup islands, heterogeneous backups, etc.). Because NetVault is flexible, simple to install and easy to use, you can avoid excessively high annual maintenance and training costs and realize a good return on your software investment.

What makes NetVault stand out among the competition?

  • Backup Made Easy: Single CD with simple intuitive manuals
    • Installs in 6 minutes; 20 minute SAN
    • Auto devise discovery and configuration
    • Simple GUI management and report tools
  • Best Value/Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • 30%+ lower implementation cost  (no extensive services needed)
    • On-demand scalability – no downtime or re-boots
    • Allows business management, NOT application management
    • Quick return on investment (ROI)
    • Fast and painless installs result in more revenue and greater customer satisfaction with increased efficiency

Free NetVault trial!
BakBone’s award-winning storage products combine powerful performance with unparalleled ease of use. They are designed to be installed within minutes or hours, instead of the days or weeks required by competing products. Each download contains a free 45-day trial with the exception of NetVault: Report Manager and NetVault: Replicator products, which are 30-day trials. Download NetVault now!

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Additional Information

NetVault Product Family Brochure ( 1.36 MB )
NetVault: Backup Brochure ( 1.3 MB )
NetVault: Backup Data Sheet ( 265 KB )
NetVault: Replicator Data Sheet ( 370 KB )
NetVault: Report Manager Data Sheet ( 285 KB )
Video - BakBone NetVault FASTRecover - Windows File Systems ( view )
Video - BakBone NetVault FASTRecover - Microsoft Exchange ( view )
Video - BakBone NetVault FASTRecover - Protecting Remote Office Data ( view )
Video - BakBone NetVault FASTRecover - Recovering Consistent Data ( view )
Video - BakBone Experts and Insights - How to Meet RTOs and RPOs ( view )

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