Mainframe Storage: Luminex

Luminex’s Channel Gateway™ is the breakthrough product that enables mainframe users to unlock the proprietary boundaries that have kept the mainframe from leveraging the technology advancements available to open systems environments. Through the Channel Gateway, every type of open systems disk, virtual tape library, physical tape and tape library (Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS) can be channel-attached to the mainframe via native ESCON and FICON. The competitive landscape is now leveled for the mainframe.

The Channel Gateway presents itself to the mainframe as native ESCON or FICON channel-attached devices (such as 3480, 3490 or 3590 tape drives). Mainframe applications and tape management software read and write, to and from the Channel Gateway without change. ESCON and FICON traffic is translated at wire speed to the open systems protocol (FC, iSCSI and/or NAS) with no MIPS overhead, no bottlenecks and no impact to the mainframe. The storage infrastructure is wide open, allowing you to pick the best-fit for your requirements. Gone are the days of forced vendor lock-in to highly proprietary mainframe storage solutions!

Luminex’s Channel Gateways can be utilized by mainframe users for highly reliable and cost-effective primary and operational storage with the Sun Fire X4500; for backup and recovery with industry-leading Virtual Tape Libraries and with industry leading NFS-based appliances leveraging 20x or greater compression with de-duplication and remote replication to create a fully tapeless backup and recovery infrastructure; for mainframe data security with industry-leading tape encryption appliances to provide fully encrypted backup tapes; and for CD/DVD data archival and distribution.

Channel Gateway Migration

Luminex develops and markets mainframe channel gateway, connectivity and data storage products. Luminex products and technology are used worldwide by the leading companies in financial, technology, healthcare and other major industries. Luminex’s Channel Gateways provide native mainframe FICON and ESCON channel connectivity to open systems storage and networks. The Data|WARE™ Production CD/DVD product family enables customers to archive and distribute data on CD and DVD media for mainframe and network applications. The Virtual|BLUE™ product family provides native connectivity from mainframes to open systems servers and storage networks.

Founded in 1994, Luminex Software, Inc. is headquartered in Riverside, California with development offices in San Diego, California and Beaverton, Oregon. Luminex products are available directly from the Company and through partnerships with leading systems integrators and resellers worldwide.


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