Network Management: Netex

Netex HyperIP is a simple appliance which accelerates data replication, migrations and file transfer applications over IP wide area networks (WANs) by 3X to 10X. It offers unmatched price/performance over narrow time windows and unlimited distances while boosting performance of the critical transfer applications. HyperIP reduces bandwidth requirements as much as 60% to 90% when compression and sequence reduction features are used. All this translates into more data being sent over the same (or even smaller) WAN links, lowering the cost of bandwidth, equipment and support operations.

HyperIP supports WAN connections from 1 Mbps up to 800 Mbps per pair of appliances. It delivers dramatic performance improvements at distances of hundreds to tens of thousands of miles and is transparent to the applications that is is accelerating. HyperIP is easily implemented by attaching to an Ethernet network segment separated by distance, allowing you to easily leverage your existing Ethernet/IP WAN infrastructure investment. Supporting remote data protection and file transfer requirements over a single IP network means less cost, less complexity and less maintenance.

HyperIP accelerates mission-critical file transfer applications between data centers by providing unmatched advantages for:

  • Data Replication Optimization (DRO) over IP WANs for application availability, information protection schemes (Data Replication, Disk Mirroring, Snapshot Copies, Backup/Restore)
  • Data Migration Optimization (DMO) between locations for short-term data movement projects
  • Bulk file/data transfer between mission-critical business systems applications
  • Centralized systems moving data to distributed servers (i.e. data warehousing and mining)
  • Moving check images, medical images, digital video files using content distribution applications

Many of the world's most demanding financial, telecommunications, transportation and government organizations use HyperIP’s technology to accelerate and optimize the movement of their mission-critical data around the globe.

Additional Information

HyperIP Data Sheet ( 143 KB )
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